Individual Quick Freezing

IQF freezing guarantees that once the product has been defrosted, it retains all the texture, nutritional value and same flavour as the freshly made product. Likewise, in terms of preservation, this process guarantees that the products do not require any type of chemicals or preservatives and that, in the event of a sudden change in temperature, the presence of microorganisms is significantly reduced.

Why do we deep freeze our toppings?

Because we want to offer the best microbiological quality for our products, reduce the use of chemical preservatives and guarantee a useful life of between 12 and 24 months.

Because we want to facilitate portioning and cost control in your recipes.

Open the package and take only what you need at all times, thus avoiding unwanted product wastage.

In short, our IQFresh process allows us to benefit from all the qualities of a freshly produced product.

fresher than fresh

Did you know that our freezing tunnels are capable of freezing our entire range of toppings to -18 degrees in less than 5 minutes?

Individual Quick Freezing IQF stands for “Individual Quick Freezing”. It is a process for freezing products quickly, efficiently and individually. We only need 5 minutes in our freezing tunnels to achieve these results.

The basic differences between slow freezing and our deep freezing are:


  • Crystallisation. Large ice crystals cause tissue damage.

  • Fluid spillage during defrosting.

  • Loss of flavour and texture. Loss of nutritional value.

  • You have to defrost the entire block.

  • Requires defrosting beforehand to be used in preparations.


  • Very small ice crystals keep tissues intact.

  • No fluid spillage during defrosting.

  • No loss of flavour and texture. No loss of nutritional value.

  • You can defrost the desired amount of product and seal the bag.

  • Can be used directly in the preparation without having to defrost it beforehand.


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