We merge innovation and tradition

INTERMEAT is a company dedicated to the production of IQF meat ingredients, which has become a quality benchmark in the agri-food industry, specialising in the pizza sector.

A family-run business with a tradition in the livestock sector that, when it began in the 70s, produced hand-crafted meat products.

New market needs led to a profound change in the 90s, redesigning facilities and processes with the object of preparing meat toppings for leading manufacturers and industrial kitchens.

Since then, the company’s commitment to innovation and development has been constant. This means that we have always led the way, both in terms of our product catalogue and production processes.

At this time, we can proudly say that we have state-of-the-art technology in modern facilities that bring quality and food safety to everything we do.



To provide value to our present and future customers: manufacturing food under the highest standards of food quality and safety.



To reach and maintain a leading position and recognition as manufacturers of IQF meat ingredients in the global market.



Excellence, innovation, environmental commitment, inclusion and integrity.

We offer products that are always ready to use with the rest of raw materials, guaranteeing optimal microbiology, and unbeatable presentation in the cuts.

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