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The IQF process enables the deep-freezing of each piece immediately ater the cutting of the meat.

This guarantees the utmost microbiological control and a optimum conservation of the flavour, nutrition and texture of the product, which after freezing is ready to use and mix with other ingredients.

Cured ham Cooked ham extra Cooked shoulder II Pork cold meat III Smoked bacon Frankfurter sausage Roast pork loin Chorizo sarta Chorizo Pamplona
IQF Jamón cocido extra IQF Jamón curado IQF Lomo de cerdo asado IQF Chorizo Pamplona IQF Chorizo sarta IQF Paleta cocida II IQF Fiambre magro III IQF Bacon cocido ahumado IQF Salchicha Frankfurt
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